Mina Agnos - Founder & President, Travelive

Mina Agnos

Founder and Group President

Mina, an inveterate traveler is listed in Travel + Leisure's A-List of the World's Top Travel Agents and is one of Conde Nast Magazine's Top Travel Specialists. Her leadership and passion have been instrumental in the growth of Travelive, a company, in which personalized travel experiences are created based on guest preferences and expectations.

Panos Chalvantzis - Chairman & CEO, Travelive

Panos Chalvantzis

Founder, Chairman & CEO, Star International Group Inc.

Panos is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years of managerial experience in the media, luxury travel and real estate investment sectors. His passion for exploration and adventure led him to set his focus on the travel industry. With his lead, the company has grown into a recognized trailblazer in the tourism sector. Panos is also the Principal Broker of Helio Realty LLC, a luxury real estate brokerage firm in South Florida.

Petros Halvantzis - President & COO, Travelive

Petros Halvantzis

President & CEO, Travelive SA

After spending 11 years in UK and British Telecom, Petros joined Travelive in 2008 and opened the company's European headquarters in Greece. His in-depth understanding of technology and business allows him to oversee Travelive's operations including HR, Technology, Sales and Accounting organizations.

Jeanne Amrein - Director of Sales, Travelive

Jeanne Amrein

Director of Sales

Jeanne, a seasoned globe-trotter, has a diverse career in international relations and customer service and is dedicated to creating once in a lifetime escapes.

Sotiris Chatzikoumis - Technology & Project Manager, Travelive

Sotiris Chatzikoumis

Head of Technology & Innovation
Data Protection Officer

Solution-focused, with experience in leading company-wide technology projects from inception through to delivery. Instrumental in dissecting complex problems, devising iterative processes, and leading end-to-end change management.

Argiris Hios - Director of Operations, Travelive

Argiris Hios

Director of Operations

Argiris has worked with tour operators, managing tourist itineraries and organizing travel packages. He is an expert in providing world-class client services.

Stella Hofer - Customer Service Manager, Travelive

Stella Hofer

Director of Customer Support

Having studied Architecture and Art History, Stella enriches client’s experiences at Travelive, with her lifelong passion for travel and extensive experience in pedagogy and customer service.

Makis Xenatos - Director of Business Development & Marketing , Travelive

Makis Xenatos

Director of Business Development

Makis is a Travel Professional with over 20+ years of experience in Travel Marketing and Sales Management worldwide. He has worked in Cruise and Tour Operator Sales as well as successfully running the cruise and tour operator department of one of the US Top ten agencies. His position at Travelive is to build and sustain relationships with travel agency partners in designated markets and oversee marketing activities.

Faye Mantzari - Senior Manager - Business Development, Travelive

Faye Mantzari

Senior Manager

Faye has held managerial roles in several first-class hotels and plays a key part in dealing with customer queries and helps arrange unforgettable experiences.

Maria Papaioannou - Accounting Manager, Travelive

Maria Papaioannou

Senior Accounting Manager

Obtaining a degree in Economics, Maria is pursuing her career by combining her love for numbers and travels into a perfect package for our clients at Travelive.

Deborah Haile - Travel Sales Coordinator, Travelive

Deborah Haile

Country Manager, Italy

Deborah, from NY, has worked in various sectors of the travel industry. Passion is rooted in Mediterranean destinations, living and working in Greece and Italy.

Armando Maestre Ferrandez - Country Manager, Spain and Portugal , Travelive

Armando Maestre Ferrandez

Country Manager, Spain and Portugal

As a world traveler who has lived in 5 different countries, Armando brings a wealth of personal experience to the company. His passion for Spain and Portugal is now poured into every custom itinerary he creates for our clients.

Danielle Rudic - Croatia Country Manager, Travelive

Danielle Rudic

Country Manager, Croatia

Danielle’s extensive luxury travel background is rooted in PR, copywriting, brand management and marketing, having advised on tourist boards and world-renowned hotel brands in Croatia, Greece and Portugal.

Fanis Hahalis - Web Designer - Frontend Developer, Travelive

Fanis Hahalis

Web Designer & IT Manager

As a seasoned Web Designer and IT professional, Fanis is implementing both his knowledge and endless passion for travel to develop and manage Travelive's software and data.

Michalis Limperis   - Operations Coordinator, Travelive

Michalis Limperis

Operations Coordinator

With years of experience in the tourism industry, Michalis’ attention to detail serves as the perfect way to enhance every experience we offer.

Markos Printezis - Quality Assurance Manager, Travelive

Markos Printezis

Quality Assurance Manager

Markos, from Syros Island, has studied Tourism Management. His lifelong dream is to travel to all the continents and taste exquisite delicacies.

Konstantinos Sourvanos - Travel Sales Coordinator, Travelive

Konstantinos Sourvanos

Sales Manager

Konstantinos brings his passion for travel combined with dedication, providing exceptional service to our clients.

Kyriaki Syrigou - Human Resources Manager, Travelive

Kyriaki Syrigou

Human Resources Manager

Kyriaki has a strong expertise in office administration and common Human Resources operations with a demonstrated history of working in the hospitality industry. Equipped with a solid commitment to providing high quality support to the management for consistent development of human resources.

Kristin Atzemian - Travel Planner , Travelive

Kristin Atzemian

Travel Planner

Inspired by her travels, Kristin worked extensively in the hotel industry before joining Travelive as a part of our sales team. Her first-hand knowledge of destinations and hotel operations is noticeable in every custom itinerary she creates.

Maiko Damaliti - Travel Operations, Travelive

Maiko Eleni Damaliti

Operations Specialist

Maiko-Eleni, of Greek- Japanese decent, brings a mix of discipline and politeness with temperament and flexibility to Travelive’s team, along with 15+ years of experience in the tourism industry.

Fotini Kaloudi - Operations Coordinator, Travelive

Foteini Kaloudi

Operations Specialist

Foteini speaks three languages and has travelled throughout Europe. Her love for travel has made her dedicated to helping people plan a vacation of a lifetime.

Viktoria Kontogeorgou - Data Analyst, Travelive

Viktoria Kontogeorgou

Senior Data Analyst

With an inquisitive mind, Viktoria combines her studies in Mathematics with her love for travel exploration. Her aim is to contribute memorable travel experiences for our clients.

Rena Leontopoulou - Accounting team, Travelive

Rena Leontopoulou

Accounting Specialist

Utilizing her exceptional organizational skills and extensive background in mathematics, Rena is known for her meticulous precision in the creation of itineraries, providing a travel experience of a lifetime for every single client.

Marianna Loupou  - Customer Service Representative , Travelive

Marianna Loupou

Customer Service Representative

After years of living in the UK and gaining valuable experience in the travel industry, Marianna is now using her knowledge to put her own imprint on unique customer experiences making every trip we create as best as it can be.

Sofia Mavrikiou - Travel Sales Assistant, Travelive

Sofia Mavrikiou

Travel Planner

Sofia, a trilingual passionate traveler, and explorer studied Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Driven by her love of discovering new cultures along with her customer-oriented mindset, she aims to meet and exceed customers’ expectations with every itinerary she creates.

Georgia Mitropoulos  - Assistant Travel Planner, Travelive

Georgia Mitropoulos

Travel Planner, Spain and Portugal Specialist

Georgia, of Greek American descent, has the drive and passion to create long-lasting memories for our clients to cherish, from going down history’s memory lane or swimming in the most beautiful crystal waters.

Nikki Moutafi - Travel Sales Coordinator, Travelive

Nikki Moutafi

Travel Planner

With a master’s degree in communication centered in travel and tourism, Nikki’s diverse work experience in the UK, the USA and Greece combined with her own travels around the globe, can assist with your travel plans because as the Chinese say "Don't listen to what they say, go see"

Nikol Pyrgaki - Customer Service Representative , Travelive

Nikol Pyrgaki

Customer Service Representative

Holding a degree in Sociology and with years of customer care experience, Nikol fuses her love of travel, communicative nature, and problem-solving skills to deliver the best support services for our currently traveling clients.

Panos Arvanitis - Assistant Travel Planner , Travelive

Panos Arvanitis

Assistant Travel Planner

Panos is trilingual with an international background that had lived both in Latin America and Europe. He has a degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and has been working in the industry since graduation. Loves to express his creativity through unique itineraries and experiences covering the Mediterranean.

Gurol Basdar - Assistant Travel Planner, Travelive

Gurol Basdar

Assistant Travel Planner

CJ is Well-travelled. He is Turkish and has been to 45 Countries including Europe, North America & Asia before settling in Athens. He is a hotelier management graduate, worked from guest relations to sales & marketing; gained experiences through years in Luxury Travel & Hotelier Business.

Venia Christodoulaki  - Travel Operations, Travelive

Venia Christodoulaki

Travel Operations

Tri-lingual avid traveler, Venia loves to use her own experiences to craft special details and memorable moments in every itinerary created by Travelive.

Olivia Confesor - Operations Coordinator, Travelive

Olivia Confesor

Operations Coordinator

Olivia brings calmness and dedication to her work, with a passion for authentic experience, which she acquired through years of working in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Vasileios Deligiannis  - Operations Coordinator, Travelive

Vasileios Deligiannis

Operations Coordinator

Vasilis holds a degree in hotels management and has extensive experience in operations and customer care. His business administration background means he will always keep an eye, while being able to come up with a creative solution for any itinerary.

Konstantina Dimaki - Travel Operations, Travelive

Konstantina Dimaki

Data Analyst

Konstantina, having traveled Europe and Asia, has a desire for travel and customer service, helping to contribute in making a unique and satisfying experience.

Eloise Gardiner   - Administrative Assistant, Travelive

Eloise Gardiner

Administrative Assistant

Eloise is dedicated to service and has a passion for travel. She is eager to combine these interests in ensuring unforgettable memories for Travelive guests.

Styliani Grammenou  - Reservations Assistant, Travelive

Styliani Grammenou

Reservations Assistant

Styliani is a trilingual avid traveler, has studied tourism management and has more than 15 years of experience in the tourism industry.

Katia katsoula - Assistant Travel Planner, Travelive

Katia katsoula

Sales & Marketing Assistant

As a social media aficionado and an avid blogger, Katia combines her love for traveling with her organizational skills to create unique itineraries to the most instagramable destinations.

Emma Matijaca - Customer Service Assistant , Travelive

Emma Matijaca

Customer Service Assistant

Continuing on the family tradition, Emma has been in the travel and hospitality industry from a very young age. Having joined Travelive she hopes to enrich her studies and share her knowledge of Croatia and the region with our clients.

Despina Mouratidou - Assistant Travel Planner, Travelive

Despina Mouratidou

Assistant Travel Planner

With almost 15 years of experience in the tourism industry, she combines her passion for traveling and great customer service to create itineraries filled with lifelong memories.

Sotiria Sakoula - Operations Coordinator, Travelive

Sotiria Sakoula

Operations Coordinator

Sotiria is a trilingual traveler, has studied culture, philosophy and tourism business management. Has more than 15 years of experience in tourism industry and 10 years as a hospitality and tourism educator. Her moto is “to travel is to live.”

Sarah Sankari  - Reservations Assistant, Travelive

Sarah Sankari

Sales Assistant

Sarah is a Multilingual Travel Addict; she has a passion for travelling and desires to explore the world. She has traveled extensively and enjoys seeing new itineraries and dream vacations come to life.

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